ELIT – 10 PhD positions
11 maja 2020

The Empirical study of Literature Training Network (ELIT) – 10 PhD positions

Are you interested in the empirical study of literature? 10 PhD positions are available within ELIT – the Horizon2020 Marie Sklodowska -Curie Actions project. Deadline: 15 June 2020.

All those who are interested are asked to submit their documents here: https://www.elitnetwork.eu/call-for-applications/

The doctoral studies will take place in two selected European countries and will result in a doctoral degree from two universities.

About the project

The Empirical study of Literature Training Network (ELIT) has been established to integrate two research cultures that are commonly separated, namely the social sciences and the humanities. We aim to train a new generation of creative, innovative and interdisciplinary early-stage researchers (i.e., PhD-candidates) in the empirical study of literature. They should be ready to face current and future challenges in this field, which is in constant flux due to the influence of rapidly changing empirical research techniques, and contextual demands, such as, for instance, the digitization of reading. To meet these needs, ELIT will be collaborating closely with non-academic partners to draw invaluable insights from society at large about how reading can fulfil certain societal needs, such as stimulating empathy and pro-social behaviour.

The ELIT Network consists of ten European Universities that are at the forefront of the empirical study of reading literature. In addition, the network includes thirteen non-academic partners from domains such as literacy (i.e., literacy associations, reading foundations, educational policymakers), bibliotherapy (i.e., reading groups, libraries), production (i.e., publishing houses), and research (i.e., international research networks).

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