Full-Time Programme Doctoral Studies

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Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Oriental Studies

Web Site: http://orient.uw.edu.pl/en/phd_studies.html
Area: Humanities
Mode of studies: 4 years
Tuition fee: 8 000 PLN/semester
Office of doctoral studies: Mrs. Ewa Szczerkowska, e-mail: e.szczerkowska@uw.edu.pl

The four-year doctoral program in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw provides a unique opportunity in Europe to gain in-depth knowledge of the Orient, while also creating a possibility to acquire the skills of using basic cognitive linguistics tools to examine various aspects of culture and cross-linguistic inter-cultural communication. The program encourages respect for linguistic and cultural variation, and prepares students to be competent experts on a selected Oriental or African culture, with a clear understanding of the challenges and the opportunities stemming from diversity and communication across cultures. Students get acquainted with the latest developments in oriental studies and in cognitive linguistics. They additionally receive training in research methods and dissemination, selected web-based tools to enhance their academic work, and pedagogical approaches to teaching languages, literatures, and cultures, all of which position the program’s graduates to excel in their research and future career. 

Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Economic Sciences

Web Site: http://www.wne.uw.edu.pl/index.php/en/candidates/phd-economics/
Area: Economic Science
Mode of studies: 4 years
Tuition fee: 3 000 Euro a year, 200 Euro of additional one-time payment
Office of doctoral studies: Mrs. Monika Pomijan-Mróz, e-mail: mpomijan@wne.uw.edu.pl

Admission requirements:
A letter of request to the Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences.
Master degree diploma, or a document stating the dissertation is under review only in particular cases.
Transcript of records with a certification on the results and average ratings.
Curriculum vitae.
3 photos.
Information on foreign languages’ competences and a proof of proficiency in English (at least at B2 level or equivalent, from applicants who have completed their studies in English certificate is not required).

Information on academic activities, in particular publications, awards, internships, scholarships, participation in conferences, scientific work-experience, other academic achievements.
Outline of the PhD project that could be the basis for a doctoral dissertation.

Doctoral studies at the Institute of International Relations at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Studies

Web Site: http://www.en.ism.uw.edu.pl/phd-programme/
Area: Social Sciences
Mode of studies: 3 years
Tuition fee: 4 000 Euro a year, 200 Euro of additional one-time payment
Office of doctoral studies: Mr. dr Maciej Raś, e-mail: maciejras@uw.edu.pl

Admission requirements:
Master’s degree diploma and programme of studies, description of the applicant’s research interests (optionally: a preliminary outline of the doctoral thesis), information on the applicant’s scientific activity (participation in conferences, scientific clubs and associations, publications, optionally: a scientific opinion), CV/résumé, personal questionnaire (download on web site), 2 photo, information on foreign language skills, especially English language skills (certificates, diplomas, certification documents, optionally: the applicant’s declaration of the attained level of language skills in the given foreign language).

The PhD Programme offered at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences, University of Warsaw is addressed to English-speaking students – graduates of the second-cycle studies (uniform master-level studies or equivalent). It is intended for active and creative people who wish to develop their research interests and broaden academic knowledge by conducting scientific research.